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        Advertise on Cineuropa

        With a monthly average of over 450.000 different users , Cineuropa.org offers excellent advertising opportunities to film professionals around the world.

        Covering unique news, information, special territory focuses and features, from films produced in Europe, the reach and readership of cineuropa.org is global and focuses on film professionals, including, sales agents, buyers/distributors, exhibitors, producers, film festivals, financiers, plus film media outlets.

        Cineuropa also publishes a daily and a weekly newsletter.

        You can advertise on any of the banners on the website and the newsletter in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian)

        Rates for advertising on the website or within the newsletter are subject to availability and duration of ads.

        We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and propose a cost-effective and competitive marketing plan.

        For further information and to book your advertising, please contact:?caruso@cineuropa.org.