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        EUFCN Location Award

        EUFCN Location Award

        Voting ended at midnight on November 30th. The winner is... Corfu Island. Congratulations!

        For the second year running, EUFCN, the Association of European Film Commissions, is launching the EUFCN Location Award, the award for the best European location in the film and TV industries.

        During the first phase, each EUFCN member may submit one location from their country, found in a film/fiction shot between January and December 2017.

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        LIM Internal

        Now the audience has the chance to vote for the best location from among the 12 in the shortlist, by simply filling in the online form.?You can do so from 6-30 November.

        And that’s not all: from among all the voters, EUFCN and Cineuropa will pick a winner who will have the chance to visit the winning location!?The winner will benefit from two nights of accommodation for two people, which will be offered and used in agreement with the film commission of that area.

        Selected locations