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        by Nicolas Pariser


        The mayor of Lyon, Paul Théraneau, is in a delicate position. After 30 years in politics, he is running out of ideas, feeling like an existential emptiness. To overcome this, Paul hires a young and brilliant philosopher, Alice Heimann. Then follows a dialogue between two diametrically opposed personalities who will turn their certainties upside down.?

        international title: Alice and the Mayor
        original title: Alice et le maire
        country: France, Belgium
        sales agent: BAC Films
        year: 2019
        genre: fiction
        directed by: Nicolas Pariser
        film run: 104'
        release date: FR 2/10/2019, BE 2/10/2019, CH 2/10/2019, RS 28/11/2019, PT 19/12/2019, ES 17/01/2020, IT 06/02/2020
        screenplay: Nicolas Pariser
        cast: Fabrice Luchini, Ana?s Demoustier, Nora Hamzawi, Maud Wyler, Alexandre Steiger, Léonie Simaga, Antoine Reinartz
        cinematography by: Sébastien Buchmann
        film editing: Christel Dewynter
        art director: Wouter Zoon
        music: Benjamin Esdraffo
        executive producer: Emmanuel Agneray
        production: Bizibi Productions, ARTE France Cinéma, Les Films du 10, Scope Pictures
        backing: CNC (FR), Sofica Cinémage (FR), Cofinova (FR), SG Image (FR), Cinécap (FR), Cinéventure (FR)
        distributor: BAC Films, Athena Films, Agora Films, Five Stars Film Distribution, Films4You, BIM Distribuzione
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