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      1. Links


        Search by sector and/or country and/or keyword the contact details of the institution or association you need to get in touch with.

        Directors Associations, Italy [IT]

        100 Autori

        Animation, Czech Republic [CZ]

        3 Bohemians Animation Studio

        TV, Germany [DE]


        3sat: German TV channel 

        Short Films, France [FR]

        6nema - Le court métrage sur le web

        Training, Finland [FI]


        Regional Funds, United Kingdom [UK]

        Aberdeen City and Shire Film Office

        Short Films, Spain [ES]

        ACE - Agencia del Cortometraje Espa?ol

        ACE supports in the different short flim making stages: pre-production, production and post-production, just as in national and international promotion of short films through different screens. 

        Training, France [FR]

        ACE - Ateliers du Cinéma Européen

        Documentaries, France [FR]

        Addoc - Association des cinéastes documentaristes

        ADDOC is a space for meeting and reflection open to filmmakers, technicians and more broadly to everyone involved in documentary creation 

        Promotional Organisms, France [FR]

        ADRC - Agence pour le Développement Régional du Cinéma

        Animation, Spain [ES]

        AEPA - Asociación Espa?ola de Productores de Animación

        Promotional Organisms

        AFCI - Association of Film Commissioners International

        Festivals reference websites, Belgium [BE]

        Afrika Film Festival

        Documentaries, Germany [DE]

        AG DOK

        AG DOK is the largest professional association of independent producers in Germany. It is first and foremost a film and media lobbyist for the documentary genre, but is open to all film genres. 

        Short Films, Germany [DE]

        AG Kurzfilm - German Short Film Association

        Short Films, France [FR]

        Agence du Court Métrage

        The most complete European website about short films. 

        Training, Greece [GR]


        Regional Funds, Portugal [PT]

        Algarve Film Commission

        Regional Funds, France [FR]

        Alsace Film Commission

        Directors Associations, Italy [IT]

        ANAC - Associazione Nazionale Autori Cinematografici