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      1. Festivals / Awards

        10162 news (festivals / awards) available in total starting from 24/05/2002. Last updated on 26/04/2020. 436 news (festivals / awards) inserted in the last 12 months.

        26 April 2020

        Festivals / Awards – Germany

        System Crasher triumphs at the Lola Awards

        24 April 2020

        Festivals / Awards – France

        The Deauville Green Awards launches its call for films

        17 April 2020

        Hot Docs 2020

        Estonia to bring two documentaries to Hot Docs

        15 April 2020

        Cannes 2020

        Cannes: Directors’ Fortnight, Critics’ Week and ACID throw in the towel

        Festivals / Awards – Europe

        The VRrOOm Break Down These Walls Festival is taking place online

        Festivals / Awards – Greece

        Eftyhia dominates the 11th Greek Iris Awards

        14 April 2020

        Tribeca 2020

        The 19th Tribeca Film Festival is postponed

        Cannes 2020

        The Cannes Film Festival will not take place in late June

        09 April 2020

        Festivals / Awards – Spain

        D’A unspools its tenth programme online

        Festivals / Awards – Germany

        The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film goes online

        Venice 2020 – Biennale College Cinema

        The VR project Vajont will take part in the 77th Venice Film Festival

        08 April 2020

        Transilvania 2020

        The 19th Transilvania International Film Festival is postponed

        Annecy 2020

        The Annecy International Animated Film Festival and its market are going online

        07 April 2020

        Festivals / Awards – UK

        Alchemy Live to kick off online on 1 May

        Venice 2020

        Alberto Barbera and his team "continuing to work on” the 77th Venice Film Festival

        One World Prague 2020 – Awards

        Romanian film Collective wins big at One World Prague

        06 April 2020

        Aubagne 2020 – Awards

        Music & Cinema crowns Patrick its champion

        03 April 2020

        Vilnius 2020 – Awards

        The Metamorphosis of Birds flies away with the main award at the Vilnius Film Festival

        31 March 2020

        Visions du Réel 2020

        The Visions du Réel Festival unveils its wholly redesigned 2020 programme

        30 March 2020

        Aubagne 2020

        The 21st edition of Aubagne’s Music & Cinema Festival adopts a digital form

        CPH:DOX 2020 – Awards

        Songs of Repression triumphs at CPH:DOX

        27 March 2020

        Cinéma du réel 2020 – Awards

        Cinéma du réel crowns The Year of the Discovery its champion

        Cannes 2020

        The Cannes Film Festival explains its position

        26 March 2020

        Visions du réel 2020

        Visions du réel reinvents its 51st edition which will unspool entirely online

        24 March 2020

        Series Mania 2020

        REPORT: Series Mania Digital Forum 2020

        Festivals / Awards – Switzerland

        Beyond the Horizon and The Journey – A Story of Love win big at the Swiss Film Award

        23 March 2020

        Festivals / Awards – Iceland

        It’s a wrap for the 6th edition of Iceland’s Stockfish Film Festival

        Cannes 2020

        The French film industry reacts to the potential postponement of the Cannes Film Festival

        20 March 2020

        Luxembourg 2020 – Awards

        The 10th Luxembourg City Film Festival announces its winners

        Cannes 2020

        Cannes Film Festival considers postponement, among other scenarios

        19 March 2020

        Docaviv 2020

        Docaviv pushed back to early September

        18 March 2020

        Festivals / Awards – Europe

        EFA Young Audience Award goes online due to the coronavirus crisis

        17 March 2020

        IDFA 2020

        IDFA makes over 300 documentaries available online

        16 March 2020

        Vilnius 2020

        Vilnius Film Festival goes digital but still invites you to the opening ceremony

        Mons 2020 – Awards

        Oray triumphs at the 35th Mons Film Festival

        13 March 2020

        Karlovy Vary 2020

        Karlovy Vary streamlines its programming structure

        Cinéma du Réel 2020

        Cinéma du réel shows documentaries are still going strong and are adapting to the current climate

        12 March 2020

        CPH:DOX 2020

        CPH:DOX to move parts of festival online during current coronavirus pandemic

        Festivals / Awards – Italy

        Ischia Film Festival offers the chance to stream films to combat the coronavirus epidemic

        11 March 2020

        Festivals / Awards – Czech Republic/Slovakia

        Febiofest festivals disrupted in Prague and Bratislava in the wake of coronavirus outbreak